Monday, February 27, 2017

Art Addition To Masterpiece 

For this assignment I added my ugly face to this masterpiece and tried to make it look as if I were actually in the painting, but sadly it didn't really work because my face looks too BIG!


I found an image of a baby elephant and used it multiple times in different sizes to creative this repetition image.
Look Who's In Our School

I found and Image of Marshall Middle School and added in the cartoon characters of: Pocahontas (From Pocahontas), Mickey ( From Mickey Mouse Club House), a Smurf (From the Smurfs, Jerry (from Tom&Jerry), Stitch (From Lilo&Stitch), Dumbo (From Dumbo).

Disproportionate Photo

 I found a image of Selena Gomez on the internet and then found two different images of eyes and a mouth and then enlarged the two and added them to Selena's face making this photo look disproportionate.

World Traveler Picture

For this assignment I tried to make it look as if I were on a trip to Paris by finding this picture of the Eiffel Tower and adding in a picture of me with a French hat and a baguette.

Create a Hybrid Creature

For this assignment I took parts of the animals of a lion, a llama, a eagle, and a ant eater. I used a llama's body for the creatures body. Then I used a lion's tail for the creatures tail. I used an ant eaters mouth/nose for the creatures mouth/nose. Finally, I used an eagle's wings so the creature can fly.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Decorate an Empty Room

For this assignment I found an empty room and added decorations to personalize it. I added a bunny, because I really want one. Then I added a white bed and chair to make it look neat. Next, I added quotes to get me inspired. Finally, I added a fan to  top it off.
Colorize a Black/White Ansel Adams Image

For this assignment I took Ansel Adams black and white picture of a flower and added a purple-ish color to the flower part and a green-ish color to the leaf part to make the picture look realistic.

Colorize a Black/White Photo

For this assignment I took a black and white photo and colored with yellow because the flowers looked sort of like sunflowers, so I decided to make it look realistic.
Cubist Digital Portrait

For this assignment I took a picture of Selena Gomez and found a picture of two eyes and a mouth and enlarged the to make it look crazy on Selena's face.

Surrealist Digital Portrait ( Fruit/Vegetables )

For this assignment I took my face and added to the back of a strawberry background. Then I found fruits and veggies such as: a banana, cucumber, orange peels, lemon slices, spinach, lettuce, and raspberries. Then created this magnificent creation.
Surrealist Digital Landscape

For this assignment I found images of eyebrows, eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Then I found and empty landscape and added in those other images. Then I used the smudge tool to smudge the images to give a cool affect.